Alternating Air Pressure Mattress

Bed sore and pressure sore prevention is a serious concern for anybody caring for a bedridden patient or loved one. Even though caregivers attempt to reposition bedridden patients on some type of set schedule, many times it is not enough to prevent the formation of a bed sore or pressure sore.  James Consolidated, Inc. recognizes this problem and offers a state of the art solution ‑ a turning (lateral rotation) mattress; the Völkner® Turning System. With this automated, simple to operate system, caregivers no longer have to worry about causing distress or pain to patients during manual rotation. Caregivers also don’t need to set an alarm every two hours to indicate when it’s time for them to rotate the patient again.

Before the turning (lateral rotation) mattress of the Völkner® Turning System, the primary options for preventing bed sores and pressure sores was an alternating air pressure mattress or manual rotation by a nurse or caregiver, but these systems are now outdated by the more effective and efficient turning (lateral rotation) Völkner® Turning System. Instead of the random inflation of air cells from head to toe as is experienced with an alternating air pressure mattress, the patented air chambers of the Völkner® Turning System gently turn the patient’s entire body back and forth from one side to the other. Bed sores and pressure sores form when blood pools in the body due to lack of circulation, and it’s this pooling that leads to pressure on the capillaries and the eventual breakdown of the skin.

The Völkner® Turning System is designed to release and renew capillary pressure gradually with no discomfort to patients. In fact, patients (and their caregivers) can sleep uninterrupted through the night thanks to the automatic Völkner® system. The system isn’t just designed to be a practical tool in bed sore prevention for anyone caring for a bedridden patient, it is also intended to serve as a comfortable sleeping surface where bedridden patients can safely rest for extended periods of time.

Our turning (lateral rotation) mattresses and turning overlays are tough enough to handle heavy use as would be expected in hospital and medical environments, but were designed with the family caregiver in mind. Unlike an alternating air pressure mattress, our mattress featuring the Völkner® Turning System is simple to use. It is fully automated and operation of the unit can be learned in a matter of minutes. Instructions are provided in non technical and easy to understand terms. Getting the unit up and running is as simple as making an adjustment for the patient’s weight via the “comfort control” option and switching the unit on ‑ the system will take it from there. Approximately every ten minutes (you can adjust the time) pressure from one side of the mattress is slightly deflated while pressure to the other side is slightly renewed. This will continue until the unit is powered off or placed in Static Mode (non‑moving), which is best for patient hygiene or wound care. If emergency care and access to the patient is required, the CPR valve quickly releases all the air from the mattress so the patient can lay flat.

If you’re a professional or family caregiver tending to a bedridden patient, then you know that those who lack enough mobility to reposition themselves in bed need to be manually turned every two hours, day and night, to reduce the risk of bed sores and pressure sores. You also understand how exhausting and injury causing this can be for the caregiver.  Thanks to the simple design and high quality construction of each and every turning (lateral rotation) Völkner® Turning System, there is now a safe, efficient and cost effective way to keep skin on bedridden patients healthy and free of bed sores.

For more information on the Völkner® Turning System, how our system can help your patient or loved one with bed sore prevention, and why the Völkner® Turning System is more effective than alternating air pressure mattress, please contact us.