Turning (Lateral Rotation) Mattress Replacements and Mattress Overlays

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The patented VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM, Low Air Loss mattress overlays and mattress replacements, manufactured in the USA by James Consolidated, Inc. are distributed world-wide, and have been clinically rated as being “superior in effectiveness” for the prevention and treatment of bed sores (pressure ulcers) and bariatric issues.

The VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM uses lateral (side to side) rotation or Turning, to relieve pressure on the body. The Low Air Loss feature forces air through small vents in the individual air chambers to reduce heat and moisture.

Studies show that Alternating Pressure mattresses, which change the air pressure from head to toe by inflating and deflating alternating air chambers, are much less effective than Turning.   While alternating pressure does help with bed sores, it does not address the negative effects of prolonged immobility of the body, referred to as "deconditioning", which can have a serious impact on health such as blood pooling and muscle atrophy.

Instead of leaving the body in one position like Alternating Pressure mattresses, the VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM slowly and automatically turns the entire body from side to side, 24/7. This means no manual turning is needed, while the VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM improves the circulation and oxygenation of body tissues, improves pulmonary functions, and reduces/eliminates sleep deprivation for patients, care givers and families.

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