Turning (Lateral Rotation) Mattress Replacements and Mattress Overlays
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The VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM is recognized internationally as providing superior turning mattress overlays and mattress replacements for the prevention and treatment of bed sores, (pressure sores, decubiti) and as an aid in mobilizing pulmonary secretions.

Patient Benefits

•  Treats and prevents pressure sores.
•  Therapy for post reconstructive surgery and existing pressure sores stages I through IV.
•  Eliminates manual turning of patient except for personal hygiene and treatments.
•  Turning action assists with pulmonary functions.
•  Frequent automatic positioning promotes healing in a short period of time.
•  Reduces skin interface pressure.
•  Comfortable, continual, gradual turning action.
•  Improves whole body circulation and reoxygenation of body tissues.
•  The construction of our air chambers is patented, providing zero capillary pressure along the central axis (spine).

•  Reduces sleep deprivation, improves physical and emotional well being.
•  Increases appetite resulting in improved nutrition for the patient.
•  Reduces pain as healing is promoted.
•  Lightweight and transportable, allowing patient to travel with the equipment.

Nursing Benefits

•  No manual turning of patient helps to eliminate injuries to nursing staff or caregiver.
•  Lightweight equipment is simple to set up, operate, maintain and clean.
•  Completely automatic equipment saves time and energy.
•  Multifunctioning electronic control unit.
•  Multi patient use.

Financial Benefits

•  Nursing time saved helps alleviate some aspects of nursing shortage.
•  Reduced absenteeism of nursing staff due to back and/or wrist injuries.
•  Equipment can be used with existing beds.
•  Economical and cost effective.
•  Very low electricity consumption - uses less electricity than a small light bulb.

General Benefits

•  Described in government and other clinical testing facilities as being possibly the most efficient and cost effective system available today.
•  Efficient patented designs have successful history.
•  Lightweight equipment is portable.
•  Minimum moving parts for long-term durability.
•  Exchangeable modular individual parts.
•  Modular design permits construction of different lengths: i.e. pediatric sizes to extra-long for very tall patients.
•  Low noise level of electronic control unit and air pump.
•  Air chambers constructed from high quality, nylon polyurethane manufactured in CA. Won’t disintegrate after a short period of time.
•  Made to last. Some patients' have been using their equipment for over 25 years.
•  Compact storage when not in use.