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"I have been C-5 quadriplegic for 24 years, and for 23 of those I have been using a Volkner Turning System. I spend 15 hours a day or more in my chair, and I credit the Volkner System with the fact I've never missed a day of work because of a pressure sore. It keeps my skin healthy and lets me sleep comfortably without interruption. I can’t thank Ingrid and the wonderful people at Volkner enough for a great product and their dedicated service."

Greg S.


I have never written a testimonial before, so I was surprised to find how strongly I felt about the need to do so. As a C-4 for over 15 years, and having used many different overlays with nothing healing my bedsores, I was very skeptical about trying another “amazing” product, like the Volkner.
Well, the Volkner actually works! My skin, which has been a problem for years, is on the mend! My bedsore is so much smaller! I don’t have to ask my husband to reposition me every two hours, so we are both able to sleep through the night.
As I am in bed almost all day, the MARK I does all the moving for me and I am so thankful! My husband is thankful too! Very pleased and wanted to let people know.

Sally D.


I would like to pass on to you how pleased we are with the product that you provided to my family. On your recommendation we purchased the Europa I, and it has performed as promised. Product arrived on time, easy set up, and most importantly worked as promised. Mom has shown no signs of pressure ulcers, and sleeps very well on mattress. Thanks for your advice, and help! This is a product I would recommend for anyone in the same situation my family is in.

Mike S.


"I am a C-5 quadriplegic and I have been using the Volker turning system overlay mattresses for more than 23 years. The quality and reliability of their products is exceptional as well as their customer service. I look forward to going to bed each night because with an overlay mattress my skin and body are able to recover and heal from the days activities and I can get a complete undisturbed nights rest without the need of any assistance. It gives me freedom independence and peace of mind. I don't know what I would do without it."

Sam H.


My name is Ed B. and my wife was injured Dec.18 2019. I’m writing to you to thank you for the bed we bought from your company by accident. My wife was instructed that she had to be turned every two hours. She was also told she was going to be a quadriplegic.

To say the least, that didn't happen: First you should know that we learned about your company two days before we checked out of the rehab hospital. I truly believe that using your bed became a direct result of, as of three weeks ago, she has started to use a walker. The reason I believe this is, the constant turning of her body helped with blood flow. We have had a tuff time for the last year and your bed has made a difference. I feel that your bed should be presented to all spinal cord injuries. Most important; nurses and doctors should be educated to protect the nurses from being hurt [due to having to manually turn the patients]. Thank you for your time. Thank you, SINCERELY
Ed B.


While on vacation over 27 years ago, my husband was injured and became a C-4 quadriplegic. I have been turning him manually for most of that time. After many years and nights of waking up every two hours to turn him, and due to the fact that he weighs almost 100 pounds more than me, I injured my back.

So, we tried air therapy beds, alternating pressure mattresses and nothing kept his skin healthy. The existing bed sore would not heal, no matter what he was on. It was only when his doctor informed us the next step was to do reconstructive surgery, and he mentioned the Völkner Turning System. Fearing this would be “another miracle” yet useless product, I contacted James Consolidated, Inc. and after speaking with them, decided to give it a try.

In short, my husband has been using his Völkner for almost five years now, with no skin breakdown. It worked so well in fact, that he didn’t need to have the original skin flap surgery he was scheduled for.
I don’t have to turn him during the day and I don’t have to set my alarm at night to wake me every two hours to turn him manually anymore and his skin stays healthy!
This turning system has turned out to be a gift from heaven. Thank you!

Catherine E.
Baltimore, MD


…to tell you how much we value the Lamellar mattress… so versatile… It packs easily, perfect for travel, even “on the road.” We take along a battery which we hook up to an AC-DC inverter which we hook up to his box (electronic control unit) for his mattress…
…all so very simple and of course so completely effective.

This mattress enables our son to continue traveling, camping, staying over with friends, etc., which are parts of his former physical life that he loved, and can now continue to love and experience…

…you are providing a fantastic service. I can't say enough. Thank you.

S. H., mother of quadriplegic patient
Sebastopol, CA


…As you know I am a C4-5 quadriplegic with severely limited use of my arms. I am unable to move myself while in bed. The first four days I was home from the hospital my wife needed to turn me every three hours while I was in bed. The pain to my shoulders was extreme and my wife became increasingly exhausted from the interruptions in her sleep. We are grateful that through the donations of friends we were able to obtain Dr. Völkner’s mattress. At this point I am still spending up to fifteen hours a day in bed and have had no incidents of pressure sores or skin breakdown of any kind. I need no turning and only minimal adjustments once I am on the mattress…

…the fact that the mattress easily repackages and transports are features that we have appreciated when we spend nights away from home.

Again, I would like to thank you for a product that so enhances the quality of our lives…

P. Rinne
Colfax, CA


…the decubitus from the body brace healed quickly. Kevin’s skin is in good condition now…

C. Kreamer
Vacaville, CA


…the mattress was located for most of the time in the Intensive Care Unit…

…the mattress was also used on a number of vascular surgical patients. Normally, support mattresses of this kind would cause circulatory problems when used near graft sites. This was not the case with Dr. Völkner’s turning mattress. It appeared to in fact enhance circulation…

…generally, the unit was overall accepted as being the best product seen to date for the prevention and healing of pressure care areas. The additional benefits of less nurse intervention and reduction in workload are well recognized.

C. J., Equipment Officer
John Hunter Hospital


…I have found the equipment most satisfactory. It is a great improvement over what I used before. I have had no trouble with my skin breaking down…

L. A. Russell, MD
Long Beach, CA


This patient requires routine and continual turning for treatment of tissue trauma and respiratory indications. Because of this diagnosis and limited sensation, we are concerned about skin breakdown. Of equal concern is his respiratory status.

Therefore, it is my opinion that the Völkner Turning System® is a medical necessity. The constant movement mobilizes secretions and decreases the risk of pulmonary infection as well as serving the purpose for proper skin care…

…There is no comparable substitute on the market today.

V. C., MD


…it is such a Godsend to use your unit and have no need to be concerned about pressure sores.

A. Reed
San Diego, CA


…we were able to use the device for a patient who had a large 4" diameter fresh skin graft on one thigh and a donor site on the buttock making the usual turning procedures virtually impossible… Her graft and donor sites healed well without any complications in spite of the fact that both areas were touching the “mattress”. This would not normally have been possible…

We have been very happy with the Turning Bed and found it to be far superior to other similar devices… We recommend this device for Medicare and Medi-Cal coverage as well as other insurances. It is less costly, more comfortable and easier to use than other skin care devices used for the same purposes.

V. daSilva, RN, PHN, MPH
Oakland, CA


Excerpt from an Abstract, reported in the Journal of the American Paraplegia Society, Vol. 14, Number 2, page 90. Presentation of a survey of 20 acute spinal cord injury patients at the American Spinal Injury Association Meeting, April 1991, in Seattle, Washington. Reported by medical and nursing staff associated with Stanford University, California:

    “…this study documented the effectiveness of this mattress in maintaining skin tolerance while eliminating the need for turning every two to three hours.”

Presentation of a case history:

    “A 24 year old C1 level ventilator quadriplegic female has used a turning air mattress for the past two years. The German manufactured product was obtained for her use to decrease the necessity of turning her at night and to maintain her skin integrity.

 Our monitoring of her condition has shown:

        No skin problems in spite of prior history of sacral lesions.
        No manual turning required except for bowel program procedures even when the patient is in the bed for days.
        Improved sleep pattern for the patient.
        No pulmonary complications with routine chest physical therapy.

The lamellar construction mattress turns the patient 30 degrees alternately right and left every four minutes, and is less expensive than air flotation beds. In the reports available, it is very reliable in construction and wear.

The air mattress is a promising alternative to turning beds per se and a boon to decreasing care-taker’s nightly turning of patients for skin protection. Specifics of the case and air mattress will be discussed.”

J. D. Thompson, MD
San Jose, CA


Thank you and your team at James Consolidated Inc. for providing me with the Europa I VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM. I am bedridden from an advanced severe form of limb girdle muscular dystrophy. I also use a ventilator and have very poor pulmonary function. Without this product, my husband and I would sleep very little. My back tendons would lock up, and my lungs would not drain (it helps with postural drainage), so my pneumonia would be worse. I would have pressure sores, and I would be in much greater pain.

My husband and I slept much better than we had for almost three years before using this Turning System. It definitely improves the quality of our lives, and the lives of those influenced by a healthier, more-rested me. Again, thank you and your team for providing me with this wonderful life- and health-enhancing product.

D. L., Ph. D.