Turning (Lateral Rotation) Mattress Replacements and Mattress Overlays
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Pressure Sore Treatment Rotation Mattress System

Often, patients unable to move themselves due to injury or illness, stay in one position for long periods of time. That means their blood is not flowing through their bodies, but rather, is staying and pooling in the lowest part of the body, which tends to be the bottom or tailbone (coccyx) area.

With no physical movement and that blood not flowing, the pressure builds, the skin gets pink and small blisters begin to form.  That is the beginning of a bed or pressure sore.

In order to prevent that from happening, these folks have to have a family member, caregiver or hired medical person to  manually change their position or manually "turn" them every 2 hours every day and every night.

The VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM takes care of all that by automatically re-positioning or "turning" the patient approximately every 10 minutes. 

The SYSTEM keeps the patient's blood flowing throughout their entire body 24/7.  When the blood is circulating properly, existing bedsores clear up and new bedsores don't form. 

When inflated, our patented air chambers create a channel of air, so the patient's spine is benefiting from Zero Capillary Pressure Along the Central Axis (spine).

Not only do our patients' benefit from healthy skin, they are able to sleep undisturbed throughout the night.  Relief is also  provided to our patients' families and caregivers.


This looping video (elapsed time 10 minutes) illustrates the motion.


Turning: (Lateral Rotation) The right and left banks of air cells inflate and deflate alternatively, causing the patient to be automatically turned from side to side every 10 minutes, promoting healthy blood flow, relieving constant pressure on the pressure points and surrounding skin. The patented design of the VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM prevents any pressure on the patient's spine. The turning motion has been shown to also help eliminate pulmonary congestion. The turning movement is very gradual and patients report no sensation of uneasiness.

Static Air Flotation: In this mode, all air cells are fully inflated and remain so, with no movement taking place. The patient is supported on a cushion of air at all times. This mode can be used for wound treatment, during bathing/personal hygiene, patient transfers to and from wheelchair, etc.


In 1996, it was decided to expand the VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM equipment line and to add a full mattress replacement to the existing turning mattress overlay, incorporating exactly the same successful technology used in the Mark I unit. The height of the turning air chambers, side bolsters, and the stationary air mattress was increased.

The unit is the VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM Mark II low air loss Mattress Replacement. The turning angle on the Mark II is up to forty (40) degrees instead of the thirty (30) degrees on the Mark I Mattress Overlay.


In 1998, in response to requests for an even more cost effective unit to accompany the existing VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM Mark I Mattress Overlay and VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM Mark II Mattress Replacement, the VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM EUROPA I™ Mattress Overlay was introduced.

This has the same high quality construction as do the other units. It operates in the Turning, and Static modes with a two inch (2”) static air base under the turning air cells.

Example of a pressure sore treatment rotation mattress

In 1999, in response to requests from overseas firms, the VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM ALPHA I™ Mattress Overlay was introduced. This is exactly the same as the EUROPA I™ except there is no two (2) inch static air.

All mattresses and overlays are manufactured in the USA using high quality material and workmanship, and are today shipped to countries world wide.

Each product's operating modes and specifications are described in the Products section.

Turning (Lateral Rotation)
Many patients suffering from the inability to move or turn themselves develop pressure sores on those areas of the body where insufficient blood is supplied to these areas. This is due to circulatory impairment that results in capillary closure.

The gentle, gradual, 30-40 degree turning angle of the patient from side to side by the patented VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM exerts less than 26mm Hg of pressure on the skin tissue.

This allows the capillaries to fill, preventing blood starvation and the formation of pressure sores. In this way, existing pressure sores stages I through IV can be treated successfully. Clinical tests have shown that even patients following reconstructive surgery (skin flap) have shown faster healing by the use of the VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM.

Low Air Loss Therapy
Immobile patients often suffer serious skin impairment leading to the formation of pressure sores. By utilizing low air loss therapy, the patient is supported by air-filled cells that float him/her, while at the same time providing a flow of fresh dry air under the patient.

With the VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM, low air loss therapy is accomplished by allowing a gentle regulated flow of air to escape from minute, laser sized holes in the air cells supporting the patient. This air flow passes upward through the “fluid proof” but “vapor permeable” quilted four-way stretchable, breathable cover. Any excess moisture contacting the patient’s skin is removed, and the skin is allowed to regulate itself naturally by evaporation through the skin pores.

As opposed to a regular hospital or home mattress which often gives uneven support, the VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM conforms readily to the body. With the added advantage of “low air loss therapy,” turning support surfaces have proven to be an effective adjunct in the treatment of pressure sores.

Pulmonary Function
Although the VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM was originally designed for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores, it has been found that the turning action mobilizes pulmonary secretions, thereby relieving pulmonary congestion, a serious complication often found in patients unable to turn themselves.

It has also been observed that many patients using the VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM achieved an increased level of emotional and physical well being. This resulted in better eating habits with an increase in nutritional intake, leading to faster improvement in pressure sore healing.

Sleep Deprivation
In this day and age, with the pressures and trials of modern society, many individuals, as well as persons unable to turn themselves, find they have trouble sleeping. Clinical tests of the VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM listed as an additional attribute the fact that the sleep pattern of patients improved with the gentle turning of the unit.

Thus, anyone suffering from sleep deprivation may well find that the VÖLKNER® TURNING SYSTEM provides a welcome alternative to sleepless nights.